Live better. Simple, fast and fun.

Zleek makes it incredibly fast and simple to find your next meal since it understands the science behind eating, and all the complexities involved with meal planning. It streamlines the planning process, and balances your needs with your preferences, so you will get meals which closely match what you would normally eat!

Reasons to use Zleek

Just let Zleek take care of the planning so you can relax, carry on with your normal life, and focus on other important matters. Still not convinced? Here are some other good reasons why you should give it a try.

Powerful yet Easy To Use

We crunch all the variables and factors through our algorithm to generate easy-to-decide recommendations that you will love to try.

Share the Fun

Find some great suggestions and deals, then share them with your friends so they can join in on the fun and save!


You are in control of what you eat. We just provide suggestions base on your needs and preferences but ultimately you have the final say!

Simple and Fast

Let Zleek suggest some awesome meal options for you.

Interesting Variety of Foods

We give you a variety of choices so you can try out other flavors, enjoy other dishes, etc., which will certainly make life more interesting and enjoyable.

No calorie or point counting

We don't have a point system or require that you track anything, even your calories. We will do it all for you and will keep you on track.

How it works

Zleek helps you achieve your living goals faster by suggesting something that fits your lifestyle.

1- Tell Zleek your caloric needs, dietary preferences, location, budget, etc., and it will show you some personalized meal choices and deals.

2- Fine tune the choices to your likings.

3- Share your great findings with your friends so they can join in on the fun, eat well, and save!

It's that simple! So give Zleek a try!

Frequently asked questions

So you made it this far and still have some unanswered questions...

What is Zleek?

Zleek is a recommendation engine that acts as your personal assistant. It helps you plan, track and guide you to your personal goals.

Why should I use Zleek?

Zleek simplifies everything for you. It's like having your own personal assistant help you figure out things you want to do. By telling it what you want, your preferences and budget, it recommends options which you can then tailor to your likings.

How much does it cost to use Zleek?

It is simply free to use. There is no risk, in fact, the only thing you may lose is a few pounds while using it.

Who uses Zleek?

Anyone who just wants to live better without having to worry about how to get there.

Could you tell us more about your company?

We are a fairly young company with an awesome technological solution (we believe!) with goals of helping people live better and for them to achieve their desired lifestyles.